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About us

We need your help

Massimo's restaurant in Hout Bay is currently closed, but owners Massimo and Tracy, with managers Anton and Chris will keep the kitchen open and prepare meals to be distributed to the needy, in collaboration with 'Gracie love in a bowl' and 'Community Cookup IY'

Many people will be out of work, kids out of school (where they used to get the only meal for the day), infected will be stuck home.

We need everyone's help and we are already stretched by having to pay our staff at home and the rent. We can only do this with your help.

We hope to give some support and show others this can be done with the collaboration of everyone.

We will buy vegetables, pasta, rice and all is needed to prepare healty meals.


How it started

I am from *Piemonte, in northern Italy. I come from a family that raised its own chickens, eggs, vegetables, rabbit and veal for the table.  My family’s veg and fruit was home-grown and preserved for the leaner months. Families would club together and buy a large consignment of meat to save money.  The home-made produce was complimented by special bought items such as truffles and amazing cheeses with cows’ and sheeps’ milk, as well as seasonal delights like locally gathered figs, wild mushrooms, hazelnuts and chestnuts. We still celebrate today the trade links with Liguria with ‘bagna cauda’ – a autumnal ‘fondue’ style dish made with anchovies– and veg to dip. We try to offer the best of Piemonte at Massimo’s, while still celebrating many of Italy’s popular dishes.

*Please note that Piemontese cuisine is not heavily laden with chillies and garlic or spices. My mother uses both sparingly, or not at all. We freshly chop chillies and garlic daily; they are available as a side at a small extra cost.

We (that is, my wife, Tracy and I) came to South Africa in 2003 for a holiday, and fell in love with the country, its people, and the landscape. Before that, we spent seven years living in the French countryside running a ‘gite’ (a type of B&B or ‘agriturismo’).  We did the cleaning, gardening, ironing, pool cleaning, etc ourselves, as well as offering French, Italian , or far Eastern dining on request for up to 26 people.  We installed a pizza oven and then expanded our offering to pizza. Everybody loved our lighter, thinner style of pizza, so it was a natural progression to bring that idea to Cape Town. "Massimo’s Pizza Club" began here in 2009 with us and 4 staff, preparing all the ingredients in our kitchen at home and bringing them here at 4pm, as we shared the premises! We are now open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner and have roughly 20 staff.

The photo on the right shows a young Massimo with his dad Igino on their family chicken farm.

A large canvas or this image is hanging over the fireplace, and the chickens gave us the idea of Massimo's logo.

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The inside

The interior has a rustic eclectic ambiance with historical photos of the folks back home. At dinner there are silent old school movies projected on the walls.

The outside

Outside there are family friendly relaxed dining areas with jungle gyms and spaces for the children to run and play.

Massimo's team

service with a smile

If you become a regular expect to be greeted by name!

Most of our staff are recruited from the local community, and we endevor to promote from within.


Pay It Forward

pizzas slices donated in 2019

total charity donations during last week (Rands)

Thanks to all our clients (1 to 8 March 2020)

Charity supported

DARG - The Sunflower fund - CCP - Border collie rescue - EMS - Kronendal Music Academy - HB Pets - Underdog project - Shaygam dog rescue - Gracie Love in a bowl - Denis Goldbergs House of hope


For Today

Our Daily Specials Menu features dishes we cook using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Charity dishes

You make a difference is someone's life as we donate to a specific charity every time you buy one.

What we offer

Dine In or Take away

Open 7 day a week for lunch through dinner


For deliveries go to Mr Delivery or Order-in

Convivial dining

Massimo's is well known for offering the perfect solution to dining for large family/groups and parties.

Email us at info@massimos.co.za and ask about group dining options.

Pay it Forward

Buy a ‘virtual’ slice of pizza for someone in need .

More info

Community Projects

We support a number of local organisations and charities with YOUR help.

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Dog Friendly

Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome at Massimo’s (inside, in certain areas, and outside) – we even have a menu for your favourite pooch.

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Our 'footprint'

We aim to reduce as much possible our carbon footprint. Click HERE to find out more.

Wednesday open mic - Planned events

Contact us


Oakhurst Farm Park,
Main Rd, 7806 Hout Bay, Cape Town


Phone: 021 790 5648 (Best to phone for bookings)
E-mail: info@massimos.co.za (for bookings of 10 or more)

CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK. Please keep an eye on our social media for announcements and news


For deliveries go to OrderIn or Mr Delivery

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