Pay it Forward

Our ethos is to use as much local produce as possible, to prevent 'food miles' and to support local jobs.

Pay it Forward

When dining at Massimo's when it comes time to settle your bill, you can decide to pre-buy a slice of pizza.

If you buy a virtual slice of pizza for someone we will ‘bank’ it for when there is someone in need – here are a list of people and organisations we have given to, and continue to do so when there is a need

Fire & Police service, victims of fire/flood/storms, etc

Hout Bay snipers basketball club

Kronedal Music Academy

Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation

James House, youth and community support

Hout Bay CARES, alcohol & drug rehabilitation project

Workspace – helping unemployed local people learn and develop job/employability skills

Little Angels crèche, Hangberg

And any other deserving organisation, group or individual that finds themselves in need.