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Pay it Forward

The best way for a community to grow, is for it to grow together

Pay it Forward

When dining at Massimo's when it comes time to settle your bill, you can decide to pre-buy a slice of pizza.

If you buy a virtual slice of pizza for someone we will ‘bank’ it for when there is someone in need – here are a list of people and organisations we have given to, and continue to do so when there is a need

> Fire & Police service, victims of fire/flood/storms, etc               >Hout Bay snipers basketball club

>Kronedal Music Academy                              >Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation

>James House, youth and community support              >Hout Bay CARES, alcohol & drug rehabilitation project

>Workspace – helping unemployed local people learn and develop job/employability skills

>Little Angels crèche, Hangberg                   >And any other deserving organisation, group or individual that finds themselves in need.