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Organisations and Charities we support with YOUR help

For many dishes we sell we donate a small amount to some charities, here is the list.

Each week we publish a list of donations made on social media.

All spuntini (tapas)

  • for each spuntino sold R2 goes to the Kronendal Music Academy in Hout Bay

Aperol spritz - Bambino pizza - organic LemonAID

Luna pizza -

  • for each Luna pizza R5 goes to DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Organisation), a pro-life, non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for, sterilizes and rehomes previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. DARG provides a crucial role for the communities of Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg and the greater Hout Bay area.

Margherita pizza

  • for each Margherita pizza (and we sell lots!) R4 goes to Border Collie Rescue -  established in 1998 and now rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes many Border Collies in need. Why a breed specific shelter?

The result of keeping a border collie in a kennel or very small confined space can already be seen after a couple of days. They run round and round the kennel, bouncing against the walls and gate, barking continuously. These Collies will be permanently damaged if their confinement is continued. They also stand little to no chance of being adopted showing this "crazy" behaviour. 

Carbonara pasta

  • for each Carbonara pasta R5 goes to Hout Bay Pets -  is a small non-profit that provides animal care services to the residents of the historically disadvantaged communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg in Hout Bay, Cape Town. These services include a weekly clinic, advice, referrals, vaccinations and education. HB Pets also helps owners fence their yards in and otherwise improve the living conditions of their pets. HB Pets also helps animals from those communities find new homes if they need to. HB Pets' emphasis is on education and empowering pet owners, rather than pet confiscation. HBPets work closely with:

Hot Latina pizza -  Happy Valley calzone

For every Hot Latina pizza and Happy Valley calzone sold, we donate R5 to the local CCP (Community Crime Prevention Unit, 

House wine (red or white)

Doggy menu

  • For every item sold off our doggy menu, R1 is given to the Underdog Project  - a charity rehabilitating vulnerable youngsters by teaching them to work with rescued dogs, building better lives for the youngsters, while developing more adoptable dogs at DARG (see above)


Bottled water

For every bottle we sell (we refill glass bottles, to save plastic) we will donate R1 to  IY Ukuphila Community Cleanup  a group of Volunteers who are cleaning up Imizamo Yeto (IY) and educating the community and children on taking care of their surroundings and living in a clean and healthier environment.